Prices, terms and conditions.

Far too often, this section of a website can become convoluted with packages and offers, deals and "Buy Now"'s.

I'm going to keep this nice and simple, as I think that works better for everyone.

My initial, minimum booking is £250 for 2 hours of my time.  


Every hour you may require after that 2 hours, is chargeable at £100 per hour.

Simple as that.  You have full control over your budget, and full control over how long you want me to be there for.  No fixed price deals that you have to try and fit into, instead I will fit into what you need.  How does that sound?


What do I get for my money?


You will get my services, and my undivided attention for the period booked.  I bring many years of experience with my camera with close to 400 model shoots, a dozen or more weddings, and many years of customer service to ensure your wedding, or event goes off without any hitches on my side. 

I bring state of the art equipment, high quality lenses and lighting equipment, and all insured for public liability too.


I offer this as a digital service only.  In other words, you will not receive prints from me.  I can provide images on a set of DVD's, or on a USB stick, something with a little style, not just an ordinary one.  

You will get high resolution images for printing, low resolution images for social media, and a letter releasing the printing rights to the bearer of the device, so you'll never be stopped having them printed.


You are paying for my travel to the venue, my time there, and the time I will spend afterwards editing and processing the images.  I usually turn images around within a week or so, but I would officially declare a 14 day turn around to be on the safe side.

Are there any cancellation fee's?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

If you cancel with less than 1 calendar month till the event, I will expect to be paid 50% of the total fee due, unless it has already been paid.  In which case I will refund sufficient monies to you, that I would retain 50% of the total fee.

If you cancel with less than 2 weeks till the event, I will expect to be paid 75% of the total fee due, unless it has already been paid.  In which case I will refund sufficient monies to you, that I would retain 75% of the total fee.

If you cancel with less than 1 week till the event, then I would still expect to be paid in full, and as such no refund would be offered.  I will however offer one date change, where you can change the date of the booking, without having to incur any further costs.  You would need to provide a new date to me within 1 week of the cancellation notice.


If you need to cancel with more than 1 calendar month till the date of the event, I will offer a full refund, minus a single £25 admin fee.

All changes, cancellations etc, must be put in writing to me.


Some Terms and Conditions.  (Not the best things to read, but sadly very necessary)


All prices quoted are for events within 35 miles of my home postcode.  If your event is further than that, there may be some small additional travel costs, but I will confirm this with you before you commit to anything.

All times are to run consecutively.  In other words, once a start time is agreed, the hours you book will run from then.  The times cannot be split into sections, so I won't be starting, then stopping for a period, then starting again and so on.  

If I'm working more than 4 hours, I may take a small break.  If I do, it will not impact on your time booked, I'll extend my time there by an equal amount of time. 

If I'm working for 6 hours or more, I may need to take some refreshment, or take some food.  It would be appreciated if this could be allowed for.  

Working at weddings can be very hard work, and there may be frequent needs to stop for water.  This will be very short, and depending on the weather, may be frequent.  It will always be at quiet times of the event, and I'll always do my best to incorporate it into the proceedings with as little interruption as possible to yourselves.  Again, it would be appreciated if this could be allowed for.

If you're happy with what I'm offering, I will require a minimum of £100 deposit paid to secure and reserve the date.  

You are welcome to pay more than the required £100, or you can settle in full it's entirely up to you.


Assuming there is enough time to allow it, then I will require the entire bill to be settled in full, at least one month before the date of the event.  Failure to settle the bill in full, on time, may result in my not attending the event, and forfeiting the deposit.

If this is a short notice booking, (less than 1 month till the event) and not enough time to comply with my requirements, then I would ask that the bill is settled in full at the time of booking.

At no time are any images licensed for commercial use.  The photographer must be consulted prior to any images being sold.  If any images are to be considered for commercial use, then please contact me for a quote before selling the image/s.


To clarify my copyright restrictions.  Even though you are purchasing these images, you are paying for personal use only, and the copyright will remain the photographers.  If you would like to purchase the copyright to an image, or set of images, please contact me for a quote.  The paying customer has full right to use these images as they see fit for private and non commercial purposes.  Any image that is found to be used for commercial purposes, may subject the client to further charges.  If in doubt, please contact me and ask.  I might not object and I may even give full permission without any further charges, but please, ask first. 

I will require full details of the venue, names of participants, addresses, phone numbers etc.  The more information you can provide the better.  

You will need to select a start time for when you want me to be there, and barring incidents outside my control, I will be there for that time.

At all times you are promised and guaranteed a professional attitude, great service and support to ensure you get the very best from your photographs.

If you have any questions before, during or after the event, then please come and speak to me.  I cannot put your mind at ease if I don't know there is an issue to be addressed.